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Consulting The Guide

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August, 1988. . . Really? I couldn’t believe the signatures facing me from the entry roster. Him? Really? “Hey guys, look over here. Guess who beat us up the mountain ten days ago. . . a president of the United States!” My two teens, their backpacks secured in place, sidled over. Some twenty names, including family members, were all penned…

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Blessing Waves

By | Running Life's Race With A Limp | One Comment

The mid-twentieth-century tsunami sweeping inland from the coastal town of Mombasa carried with it no carnage, no loss of lives. . . no water. What the wave of spiritual awakening brought was a transformed culture among Kenyans, Ugandans and Tanzanians for years to come. “Only the power of the living Christ proclaimed in demonstration of the Holy Spirit can meet…

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Summit Destiny

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While the dance idea may suit some believers as they launch into a transforming life in Jesus, the metaphor likely won’t attract others. A mountain-climbing expedition may. The apprenticing pilgrim takes on a rigorous life if he is seriously chasing the call of Jesus: Follow me. More rigorous than a climber striking out for, say, Africa’s highest mountain peak. Our…

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