What might stir an Oklahoma boy to grow up and travel overseas – then take up living there many years? Or – in his home state – to down a rice and curry dish as readily as mashed potatoes and fried chicken. At home with internationals and Okies and Yankees alike.

Romance. What seemed a lucky introduction to a random individual in a far-off place resulted in my marrying a lovely and gifted Montana girl. We moved nine time zones away. Ann gave us three Africa-born children, one of whom – with a family of his own now – lives and works there.

After our twenty years in Kenya and Tanzania we plunged into college life back home. Not as students, but engaging and serving internationals on a campus specializing in engineering studies. Coming from China and India, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere. Another twenty years.

We’re all a little older now. Even so, we keep growing. Grow till you get old, then grow some more – an adage coined just now while typing this ☺ Intellectuals, non-literates – those between. Whoever they may be, I encourage. In their hopes, their goals, vision.

The global family is Big. It’s beautiful – rich in variety, enormously creative. We’re meant to grow. In confidence, understanding, assurance. In faith. I invite all who would stretch their horizons. . . push past our inhibitions. Let’s explore. Grow.

In days to come watch for links here. Pointing you toward stuff. That may inspire, inform. . . move you one more marker forward. Ask the question, Am I made for more? Stay tuned.