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Unforeseen Limp

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Clutching her tan cardboard suitcase Thelma boarded the Greyhound bus. With her free hand she swept a film of dust from an empty seat. Dust. It was like a crazed intruder. Nothing seemed to deter it. She settled in for the first leg of her journey. Unknowns lay ahead.  What was it like anyway? This Golden State? Clyde kept his…

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Promised Land

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Arriving at San Francisco Bay, Clyde Baxter sampled the faint taste of salt air. He slowly filled his lungs and considered the untimely passing of his parents. The White Plague (tuberculosis) destroyed their lungs.  The children received meager help from nearby relatives, themselves very poor. Clyde and his four older siblings were, otherwise, left to carry on alone. He boarded…

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Running with Meaning

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 He sprinted to the next line of railroad tracks. By now home lay miles behind him. Clyde Baxter had reached the Texas Panhandle on his westward venture. There was no going back to Oklahoma. Nor of staying in the dust-plagued panhandle. Croplands were desperate for rain. A new term was even coined.  The assault was, indeed, transforming the plains into…

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