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Observe Watching my Suzuki dirt bike hoisted onto a wobbling, home-built canoe at the edge of a flooded river, gave me pause. Did I make a smart move? My unsettled mind calmed the next few minutes as the two tribal men skillfully executed their self-assigned duties. I looked on in growing admiration. These fellas know a thing or two about…

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Fifty ~ Golden

By | Running Life's Race With A Limp | 2 Comments

Make your fiftieth anniversary memorable. We needed little help meeting that assignment. Our terrific B&B of choice lacked sufficient heating reserves to counter the bitter cold pounding its harsh winds against our room’s exterior wall. The host responded promptly to our Midnight SOS, and transferred us to a cozier room. A while later the breakfast table found us  – if a bit bleary-eyed…

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Staring Down the Elements

By | Running Life's Race With A Limp | One Comment

Had I known that my dirt bike could well have landed at the bottom of a river before day’s end, I might have stayed in bed. Rains had been falling off and on for several days around Suna Mission, punctuated from time to time with pummeling downpours. My piki-piki slipped and slithered beneath me for miles along the muddy roadway,…

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