Who’s Got This?

Why is it? I wondered.

Why does God, when setting out on a mission, often pass over human schemes. Why does he seem to disregard the confident, presuming “we’ve-got-this” mentality often advanced by his people? He seems almost to chuckle over us humans – our strategies, our denominational fixations. Our rightness – I know I am right, don’t confuse me with facts.

Lord, you’re fiddling with my name tag. Air fare paid by Pentecostals, automobile by Baptists. Why?

A refreshing concept plays on the mind. Maybe God likes to get his things done through means available. Period.

That a label is attached or not attached, that a traditional approach or an innovative approach is applied, such factors he seems to look at as non-factors.

The church’s Head is advancing his kingdom, moving his players forward in the enterprise he fostered. It’s kind of like God is saying, “Denominations, structures, systems, take a breath. Let me demonstrate my sufficiency, my creativity. Through the whole batch of you. It is people I’m after, my kingdom we’re going for. Jump in where I invite you. Your energies, ideas, resources, yes they count. Yet. May I gently remind you, “It’s my kingdom. . . Kingdom (yes. singular)”.

Some are catching this phenomenon, the idea that the founder of the cosmos might possess the creativity needed of forging a game plan. His own. One he shares with the simple-hearted, the believing.

God seems overjoyed when his children start turning aside from undue introspection, from gazing at their own navels, or those of others. When we attend to him. Wait before him. And respond to his invite.

A while back I caught wind of a maxim I wish I had coined, “God will get the glory when we don’t care who gets the credit.”

©2017 Jerry Lout



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