Jerry’s Memoir, Living With A Limp, Overview

The long drought invading the Southern Plains upended things—the food supply, the economy, often the people themselves. A desperate man trades his cotton hoe for a California shovel, hoping his girl from back home may one day join him.

A family meets with heartbreak in a desert place. Desperate for answers they appeal to a nearby relative.

When a viral disease strikes the home in a different time and place, a mother lingers at her young boy’s bedside, praying he might survive, might grow up to become a man.

A tractor, a horse, a fishing pole, a friend— things common to farm life—shape a child’s formative years. Later on he loses his way. Revisiting earlier paths, he longs for recovery.

Awkward at times a young man limps toward another day, another place. To brisk mountain air, to a vision revisited, to a girl he can’t get out of his mind.

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